7 Figure Cycle

Why Is Ecommerce Important To Your Business In 2018?

What is The importance of e-commerce? Its ability to raise the standard of living of everyone who uses it by being the best solution to its financial problems and also its ability to achieve its ambitions by harnessing the Internet in obtaining monthly income in hard currency. Up with the 7 Figure Cycle pros up to the level of their dreams or expectations.

In general, e-commerce benefits in two parallel directions are personal benefits and national benefits, so I ask you to offer some of these most important benefits in the two directions mentioned:

7 Figure Cycle
7 Figure Cycle

Benefits of Ecommerce

First direction:

The personal benefits of using electronic commerce: Professional work in electronic marketing through the identification of more than 30 methods of electronic marketing of the product with how to design an electronic outlet serves the speed and privacy of achieving marketing objectives

The possibility of working from home without capital and owning projects on the Internet generates profits in hard currency, and diligently develop these projects over time to have an attractive monthly income

Get money in hard currency in dozens of different ways through hundreds of sites for each method

How to profit from trading in the goods of others and marketed globally without capital

To provide the opportunity to work with a high profit for all holders of higher and intermediate degrees and not to rely on government appointment

Providing the opportunity for housewives, low-income workers, pensioners and the disabled to enable the state to benefit from their development potential

To allow the individual to be a source and importer by making a profit from the world trade of a piece and the global marketing of this commodity or other hundreds of times using his own website

Qualifying for prestigious positions in marketing management in export and import companies, tourism companies, large productive and commercial companies

Teaching the current generation, especially university and school students, how to make optimal use of vacations and leisure in achieving their financial requirements and aspirations

The second trend – National benefits of e-commerce use:

Create jobs from home for middle and senior degree holders

The appreciation of the local currency as a result of increasing the sources of access to hard currency, which increases the volume of trade and improve the trade balance

Finding sources of profitability in hard currency in many ways do not need capital

Continuous increase in Egyptian and Arab exports as a result of raising the marketing efficiency of the students

Achieve targeted development through the use of electronic marketing of the element of searching for investors, which leads to bringing many of them to invest in the Arab world

Raising the standard of living of Egyptians and eliminating the suffering of living for a large segment of low-income people

Developing the efficiency of the cadres of companies specialized in internal and external trade, which increases the rate of increase of profit

Provide employment opportunities for women and intellectuals from the referred to the pension and also to exploit the leisure time for the employee class optimization, leading to increased rate of development

A boom of investment, industrial, commercial, agricultural, housing and construction sectors as a result of increasing exports and attracting investors

Marketing ideas for Products and Advertising

When we look at the top companies in the market and maintain their presence, it is interesting to see how they are interested in presenting ads to the public in creative and innovative ways, such as the previous announcement, such as the ads of Zain Telecom, which took a different path to it, making it a sign you can distinguish by listening to the songs you make! As marketing is the cornerstone of the project, creativity and sophistication are the cornerstones of successful advertising and effectiveness.

So, what are the best ways to advertise and market products?

1- Provide free products to customers. 7 Figure Cycle way, you can attract new customers, boost your existing customers’ loyalty, and raise awareness of your brand to the general public. For example, you can do this by holding competitions to ask questions about your products, your message or your business, or by offering a free product to your regular customers or to the first five people who demand you at a given hour of the day.

2. Your existing customers can participate in your site and have a percentage of profit for each customer coming from them. Namshi’s experience is impressive, as the company gives celebrities a discount coupon and a profit rate that turns them into real partners instead of paying for the high advertising costs!

3 – Send free samples of products to influential people in the target market, if they liked them can recommend you to their followers.

4 – Spreading customer opinions about products in all your sites and accounts, which helps you to increase the number of visitors and followers and thus be convinced a lot of buying from you, and make sure that the views you will display completely honest and represent your credibility and interest to the customer.

5. Marketing products through content. What we mean by this is that you are offering free and informative content to the browser you are looking for provided you are connected to the market where your products are launched periodically. In order to increase the sales of personal training services and monthly food plans, the specialist presents a varied and rich content that serves as a sample of the positive change that can be achieved in the life of the customer, which makes the crowd eager to experiment. For example, it can be in the form of presentation of previous participants’ experiences or in the form of daily tips, videos, motivational images or reliable scientific studies in their field.

6 – Send a sample of your new products with the requests of customers and ask them their views as a means of testing and advertising in advance. By the way, let’s tell you the story of Abu Nora .. This young Saudi has a kitchen specializing in Mundi is achieving excellent growth, and follow his followers in Snab chat diary in the kitchen constantly .. And when he thought to add new dishes to the menu, and before the decision to send samples to customers With their requests to test the product and tell them new dishes. In this way, promote the idea before you begin with its current customers and test its success. Two birds with one stone!

7 – Make sure that the language you use in your accounts and your ecommerce site is an attractive language without exaggeration questioning your credibility and without linguistic errors that undermine the ideal image you give about yourself, and enhanced content with pictures and stylish videos.

8 – Provide easy and simple communication with you, with a work number and a formal email. Especially as the customers to communicate directly and directly with the trader and prefer to use the software is a simple way, and know what the customer likes is very important in drawing up the marketing plan and in the advertising and marketing of products!

9 – Publish a survey about the wishes of customers and the anxieties that bother them in the experience of buying from you and then modify your business plan immediately according to the results you reach. There are very easy ways to do this by using the Twitter vote feature like what STC does through the surveys they publish in their account constantly!

10. Provide after-sale services, such as switching, recovery, maintenance and repair services. It is very nice for many clothing entrepreneurs to offer a return and replace service when the pieces do not fit with the customer, which reassures their customers and makes the buying experience of them easier and more secure. “If you change your mind or are not satisfied with your purchases, simply return the unused product within 90 days to replace it or replace it with the product you have purchased,” the company says in its policy. Recover your money “!

11. Do the word publishing strategy. When taking positive customer feedback, kindly ask your colleagues, family, and friends to recommend you if your products and services are satisfied. There is a Saudi merchant specializing in the preparation of roasted pokets with Roque Roed. This lady publishes discount advertisements for her customers through Watsab constantly, not only that! But declare that it will give the same discount to each person receives the private message sent to customers! Which ensures a rapid spread in various means of communication.

Even if he is a television personality, there is something that can be learned from the success of Don Dreber, which is to always start asking yourself before you plan the advertising and marketing of products: Who will buy this product? And who is the audience we address specifically? The customer does not want you to have numbers or statistics, but wants to be able to link to your Bitcoin Code product on an emotional level.

Remember that advertising is only a novel; communicate with your audience with a story that touches on the essence of your desires and builds a bridge of trust between you and him.